M4S Home PE Workouts

Welcome to the Ministry 4 Sport Home PE Workouts page…

The aim of this page is to keep children active whilst at home and giving them simple plans and videos to follow that can easily be done at home either inside or in the garden. All sessions include a warm up, a short workout and some technical practices that only require basic equipment that can be easily replaced with household items if necessary (use your imagination). We will keep updating this page regularly with new sessions, videos and challenges. We have split the sessions up in to different categories from Fizzytotz (Early Years Programme), to different sports. These plans will need to be accessed via a laptop or computer to view the videos on the plans, otherwise the invididual vidoes have been put under each specific session plan. Have a go at all the sessions and see how you get on! We would love to see how everyone is going on with these sessions so please send us your vidoes and let us know if we can share these on our social media platforms…

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If anyone wants to speak with us personally for any help or advice at this time please don’t hesitate to contact us:

email: info@ministry4sport.org   telephone: 01782 703065


To contact one of the management team personally:

James Askey – james.askey@ministry4sport.org – 07962265867

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Fizzytotz (Early Years)

Session: The Fair

Home Workout The Fair Session Plan

Videos: The Fair Session Warm up    The Fair Session Workout    The Fair Session Technical Practice

Session: Easter

Home Workout Easter Session Plan

Videos: Easter Session Warm up     Easter Session Workout    Easter Session Technical Practice 1    Easter Session Technical Practice 2


Session 1:

Home Workout Football Session Plan

Videos: Football Session Warm up    Football Session Workout   Football Session Technical Practice 1   Football Session Technical Practice 2


Session 1:

Home Workout Tennis Session Plan

Videos: Tennis Session Warm up   Tennis Session Workout  Tennis Session Technical Practice 1    Tennis Technical Practice 2   Tennis Technical Practice 3    Tennis Technical Practice 4


Session 1:

Home Workout Basketball Session Plan

Videos: Basketball Session Warm Up     Basketball Session Workout     Basketball Session Technical Practice 1    Basketball Session Technical Practice 2   –  Basketball Session Technical Practice 3


Session 1:

Home Workout Netball Session Plan

Videos: Netball Session Warm Up     Netball Session Workout     Netball Session Technical Practice 1    Netball Session Technical Practice 2   –  Netball Challenge